FiverFest is back in Bedford, showcasing £5 offers at 79 brilliant businesses


Fiver Fest, the national celebration of independent businesses, returns to Bedford this weekend, with 79 participating shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and businesses creating some great offers for just £5.

From Saturday 12 – 26 June, over 100 towns throughout the UK will be joining Bedford to give residents dozens of reasons to visit their town centre.

Whether it’s to support one of your old favourites or discover your new favourite, Fiver Fest is the perfect opportunity to hit the shops without breaking the bank.

Town Centre Champion Helen Patterson
Town Centre Champion: Helen Patterson

For the fourth time, thanks to the tireless efforts of Fiver Fest organiser, Helen Patterson, Bedford has one of the highest numbers of participants, with an incredible 79 businesses taking part, including one of the vendors at this Sunday’s Bedford Flea market.

You can view all the deals on offer at the Fiver Fest Bedford Facebook page.

“I was concerned that COVID may dampen the response but the Town Centre Champions team, the organisers of Bedford’s Fiver Fest, has been encouraged by the volume of businesses who have signed up to take part in the event for the very first time,” said Helen.

Ready Steady Roll – home to everyone’s favourite board game

“Over 15 of the participating businesses are new to Fiver Fest, including Ready Steady Roll, Koko Black and The Flying Cork.”

This year’s new recruits will be in good company as they are being joined by seasoned regulars such as The Arc, Arcadia Sweetshop, Baja, Beerfly, Bridges, Carumbar and Epanoui.

“Bedford is a town of foodies and we are spoilt for choice for independent cafes, bars and restaurants in the town centre so once again, Fiver Fest has become a Fiver FEAST,” said Helen.

“There has never been a better time to explore your town’s indies and support local business.”

Fabulous Fiver Fest deals…

Fiver Fest is the brainchild of Chris Sands, who runs Totally Locally – an organisation dedicated to helping towns celebrate the power of local.

“Thanks to Helen, Bedford once again has among the highest number of participants in the country,” said Chris.

“We hope that during Fiver Fest people consider going out and finding new shops, finding things they didn’t know existed. It’s such a simple concept and really reminds people what’s on their doorstep.

“More and more people are shopping locally and Fiver Fest is a great way to remind customers that the independent businesses are still there and are vital to the future of towns.”

So keen are Bedford’s businesses to be part of Fiver Fest that two who missed this June’s deadline have already signed up for the October event…

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