Felix the diabetic cat needs a ‘furever’ Bedford home

Felix the diabetic cat
Felix the diabetic cat

Stray cat Felix is on the lookout for a ‘furever’ home and needs a Bedford family who can help him manage his diabetes.

He’s currently staying with the Cats Protection’s Bedford and Biggleswade Branch where he was transferred after being taken in as a stray in Birmingham.

Although he’s generally fit and healthy he was found to have diabetes which means he does need a family who can help him manage his condition.

He would also need a child-free home where he is the only pet, where it will be easier to monitor his intake.

He should also live away from busy roads, as he is likely to enjoy time outdoors.

“He enjoys his food, although some days he just turns his nose up to everything – nothing so unusual there,” said Cats Protection fosterer Jude Clark.

“But with a diabetic cat, his eating habits need to be monitored, so he will need to have a safe, quiet room with a separate area for food and water.

Felix is said to be a “sweet boy” who loves a head scratch and stroke, but he’s apparently not so keen on cuddles.

“He can be quite a playful boy when he relaxes, so a scratching post and a few cat toys would be nice, too,” added Jude.

Feline diabetes

Diabetes is a manageable condition in cats, just as it is in humans, and affects the control of blood sugar levels, usually because the pancreas is not producing enough insulin.

Insulin helps move glucose from the blood into cells so if Felix doesn’t have enough, he will be left with high levels of glucose in the bloodstream, which is dangerous to his health.

Diabetic cats need twice-daily injections of insulin, which are quite easy to do. Whoever successfully adopts Felix will be given training and Felix apparently tolerates his injections well.

Regular vet checks will also make sure Felix has the correct insulin dose, but monitoring how much he drinks and urinates, and his body weight, also help.

You can also get more information on living with cats with diabetes, refer to Cats Protection’s Veterinary Guide.

Felix has been microchipped and arrangements will be made for Felix to be fully-vaccinated when he is homed.

If you can offer Felix a home, please visit the Cats Protection League website.

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