Fairy Trail delights Kempston families – and BBC’s Angela Rippon – during lockdown


If you’ve been down to the woods in Kempston during lockdown, you might have noticed that some new colourful residences have popped up among the spring flowers and foliage.

The Fairy Trail has been created by Kyra, aged four and her two-year-old sister Khloé, with a bit of help from their mum, Vivienne.

Not only has the Fairy Trail drawn the attention of local residents, but it’s also been featured on the BBC’s daily Healthcheck programme, hosted by Angela Rippon.

Kyra said, “I’m very happy that my teacher and school friends have seen me on the TV talking about the fairy trail and I’m really happy and excited to go to the fairy trail with my sister on a sunny day.”

The Wootton Lower School pupils have missed visiting the fairy trail at Bromham Mill, so asked their mum if the fairies could move closer to them during lockdown.

“I suggested that they make a few houses for the fairies and they might visit,” said Vivienne. “We made some houses from recycled bits in our house, found a few old wooden pegs and created little fairies and houses for them.”

“I wanted the fairies to come to Kempston,” said Kyra. “So we made them houses and some new friends.”

The trail can be found in the small woody area near Kempston Fire Station, behind the Southfeld Community Centre. “There’s a big tree and if you step into the ‘forest’ area you will see signs saying Fairy Trail,” said Vivienne. “There are two paths and the trail goes both ways so you can’t miss it!”

“Every day I receive messages and pictures from many families who have visited the trail and have added more fairies or houses.

“It’s something for the children to look forward too, on their daily walk. It also helps us parents at home, to give the children a new activity, to create a new piece for the fairy trail every few days.

“People have thanked me and the girls for creating this. I’ve had messages from a lady whose daughter had not been out of the house for four weeks, because she was anxious about the Coronavirus, her family encouraged her to visit the Fairy Trail and she’s been visiting for the last few weeks! Amazing and makes us so happy.”

More than 20 fairies have now taken up residence along the trail and, Vivienne said,”…there are also a few aliens, bunnies, chicks, mice, butterflies and even a treasure chest!

“I think the fairies are having a great time during lockdown. There’s less pollution and hardly any waste for them to pick up so they’re pretty much on holiday right now.”

Kyra said, “The fairies are having a lovely holiday from not working for Father Christmas and the elves because it’s not Christmas and they don’t need to check on up so they can come to all the children and keep us safe from the Coronavirus.”

Vivienne and the girls are still adding to the Fairy Trail, with sturdier wooden houses that they’re currently painting and decorating.  “Kyra would like to add some flowers and butteries and Khloé wants to add some slime!”

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