Exclusive: Two arrested following successful warrants targeting drugs line


“If you’re running a drugs line in Bedford, we’re coming after you,” is the message from DI Graham McMillan of Bedfordshire Police after the successful arrest of two suspected drug dealers this morning.

The Bedford Independent was given exclusive access to accompany Bedfordshire Police on an early morning execution of warrants as part of Operation Alden today.


The operation resulted in the arrest of two men in their 20s on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

The activity was coordinated by the Serious Organised Crime Unit with support from uniformed officers and the Bedford Independent was given behind-the-scenes access to the briefing and execution of one of the warrants.

Following a 6am briefing to the 50 plain clothes and uniformed officers taking part in the operation, units were deployed to addresses around the Borough.

The Bedford Independent accompanied the team responsible for executing a warrant on a man at an address in the Putnoe area.

He was arrested at the scene and is currently in police custody.

We also spoke to the team about the changing tactics used by drug dealers more generally to sell their wares.

By using mobile phones, drug lines efficiently and directly ‘market’ the product to drug users.

Much like a takeaway will text information about meal deals to their customers, drug lines directly market the product and special deals to their contacts.

Following the successful arrests, Detective Inspector Graham McMillan told the Bedford Independent, “Months of investigation has led to today’s enforcements as we attempt to tackle drugs lines operating in Bedford.

“In every town there are a number of drug lines. The ones we take down will go to prison.”

Once a line has been taken down, police will send a message to all the contacts on the seized phones, letting them know that Bedfordshire Police have taken possession of the phone and made arrests.

“The hope is that casual users will be deterred by the fact that the police have their phone number,” said DI McMillan. “The message will also signpost users to NHS and drug support services.

“Today’s operation is part of our ongoing proactive investigation into the supply of drugs onto Bedford’s streets.”

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