“Everyone’s welcome” 3 St Peter’s opens with a touch of class

3 St. Peter's Bar

A new private members club has opened in Bedford, bringing with it a touch of class and a warm welcome to anyone looking for something different on a night out.

3 St. Peter’s has been opened by Bali and Poonam Chand who have put their heart and soul into the new bar.

“The whole family have been involved,” said Poonam. “It’s been a labour of love and we’re so pleased to finally open.”

The bar opened earlier this month and the Bedford Independent were lucky enough to be invited along.

Stepping through the door you’re greeted in the way you would be if you were arriving to see an old friend, smiles from the door staff to the bar tenders.

Sitting at the bar I had a prime position to see how other guests were enjoying the new venue. Lots of laughs, plenty of chat, and everyone seemed at ease.

Which, Poonam says, fits exactly with the ethos of the bar: “3 St. Peter’s is where people can come for a night out with friends, or by themselves if they just want a quiet drink without hassle. We want this to be a place of friendship.”

3 St Peter's bar empty
The venue has been inspired by some of the world’s most famous bars and cocktail lounges

Music came from a baby grand piano in the corner, and when you add this to the art decor inspired interior, professional and friendly staff, and classic cocktails on the menu, you feel like you could be in one of the world’s most well known and luxurious bars.

But Poonam said that they’re simply trying to create a relaxed, friendly and welcoming space for all: “We wanted a bar that reflected where we would like to go with our friends and where people can feel at home.”

The drinks menu offers everything from Prosecco and beer, to high-quality spirits, and the second best martini I’ve ever tasted. The first being on the VSOE Orient Express so no shame there in not taking the top spot.

In fact some of the wine choices have been inspired by the drinks you might find on the world’s most famous train service, but are served, thankfully, at Bedford prices.

Poonam Chand 3 St. Peter's
3 St. Peter’s has been opened by Poonam Chand and her husband Bali

As part of their licence agreement, the club can only welcome members and booking on the night you want to attend is recommended.

Another added extra is the cinema club which is partly run by Bali, who until recently was the chair of the Independent Monitoring Board at Yarl’s Wood.

“The cinema club membership is separate to the bar,” explains Bali. “But, we are very excited with how we’ve incorporated the two venues and can’t wait for our film noir season to start on 8 January.”

3 St. Peter’s is open on Friday and Saturday evenings but there are plans to start a Sunday morning Jazz Brunch, akin to the famous Jazz Brunches at Dingwalls, Camden. I can’t wait.

Music will feature heavily at the new bar

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