Eight-year-old Bedford girl offered interview for £65k vet job after applying online

Junior ver
Aspiring vet, Clara

An eight-year-old from Riverfield Drive who submitted her CV to an online recruitment company has been offered an interview for a £65,000 a year job as a vet.

Andy and Annette Hendry were discussing future careers with their children when Clara told them she wanted to be a vet.

The couple thought nothing more of it, until they checked Clara’s email and discovered that she’d registered an account with Indeed.co.uk, the online recruitment company, created a CV and uploaded it to the website.

Soon after, she received an email from the agency’s managing director, to say that someone would be in touch for a telephone interview.

“I called their MD and explained the situation,” said Andy. “He was very impressed by her approach and wished his son would be as motivated.

“He’s agreed to keep her application on file and when she is ready, to re-apply.”

Mum, Annette, said, “In essence I believe Clara was beginning to get bored of home schooling so decided to get a job.

“Her ability on her PC has improved tenfold based on the fact that her school are using Microsoft Teams to upload and download school work.”

Clara used Powerpoint to create a CV with the help of her nine-year-old sister, Rosalia.

“Me and my mum were talking about jobs and I said I want to be a vet,” said Clara, whose favourite animal is a cat.

“When we finished talking about it, I went upstairs to apply for a job. When I was watching tv one night there was an ad about Indeed.com, so I thought that is where I could apply for a job.

“I did not tell anyone but in the end my sister Rosalia found out then she just laughed and laughed then she walked out of the room.

“The next day when my mum was helping me with my school work she saw on the top of my screen ‘apply for a job’ and when she found out she smiled and said “Clara you want to apply for a job as a vet?” she was calm about it and she laughed as well.

“Then she told my dad and they were chuckling all night. The next day my mum told me that there a was an interview for me I was so excited about it.

“Later on in the day it was the interview for me, but my mum and dad did the talking I did the watching!”

Bill Richards, managing director at global job site Indeed, said, “The lockdown has been challenging for parents and children but it’s clear the Hendry family have been doing their best to homeschool, start important conversations about jobs and have some fun, too.

‘Clara already has excellent skills and with focus like this I’m sure she will one day become a brilliant vet.”

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