Early trophy for Bedford Hockey Club as teams secure early victories

Image: Bedford's men in action (Credit: Jean Fitch)

The hockey season has barely even started, but Bedford Hockey Club have secured the first of what will hopefully be many trophies this season with a pre-season tournament victory in Nottinghamshire.

After defeating Oxford University 1st XI 2-1 at Chester Road, the side travelled to Beeston returning home as champions of the pre-season event.

The Ladies’ 1st XI – also in Beeston – were also successful winning three of their five games, just missing out on the title.

Back at Chester Road, there was plenty of action including an exhibition between the Men’s 6th XI and the veterans, with the 6th XI taking an entertaining fixture 6-3.

The Men’s 3rd XI were involved in a fiery friendly with St. Ives’ first team; Bedford taking the fixture 5-3, while the 4th XI lost out by a single goal to a strong Vauxhall 1st XI.

On Chester Road’s two adjoining pitches, the Ladies’ 3rd XI and 4th XI’s took to the field against St Neots 2nd’s and Milton Keynes 3rd’s respectively.

Both sides dominated their oppositions with impressive displays of goal scoring. The Ladies’ 4th XI thrashed Milton Keynes 5-0 whilst the 3rd’s struck a phenomenal 10 goals, with a clean sheet.

In an away fixture, over in St Ives, the Ladies’ 6s also tasted victory with a 2-0 win.

The coming weekend will see the start of the East Area Hockey League season for all except the Club’s National League squads, who both have friendly fixtures.

With last year’s East League abandoned before its conclusion, all teams remain in the same divisions they were in previously, with many hoping to push for promotion.

The Ladies’ 1st XI will be looking to impress the spectators with a 1pm fixture at Chester Road on Saturday against Harleston Magpies. The Men’s 1st XI take on West Hertfordshire at 2pm on Sunday.

Anyone interested in joining the club can find contact details for the Men’s and Ladies’ Club Captains on the Club website at www.bedfordhockeyclub.com.

Sunday also sees the restart of the junior coaching calendar, with new players of all experience welcomed.

For further information, email juniors@bedfordhockeyclub.com.

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