Devonshire Arms and Beerfly named in North Beds CAMRA’s awards

Devonshire Arms
Ronnie & Rebecca at the award-winning Devonshire Arms on Dudley Street

The Devonshire Arms on Dudley Street has been named by the North Bedfordshire branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) as its selection for the national Pub of the Year competition.

It will now be judged alongside the selections from the other two Bedfordshire branches (South and East) to determine which one will represent the county in the East Anglia regional round of the competition.

The Devvy – as it’s known by locals – is on a terraced street which, says CAMRA, “makes it easy to pass by unless you are looking for a warm welcome and good quality beer.”

The Young Member’s Pub of the Year has been given to Beerfly on St Cuthbert’s Street, which meets CAMRA’s definition of serving Real Ale by serving beer that is conditioned in the bottle.

Beerfly is on St Cuthbert’s Street, a hub of indie retailers

“Much of the draft beer also meets that definition as it has not been microfiltered or pasteurised,” said Roger Stokes of North Beds CAMRA.

“After brewing it is put into flexible bags within an outer pressurised container. That pressure is what forces the beer out of the bag and to the taps on the wall.

“It’s more expensive than traditional cask ale but does keep the air totally out of contact with the beer which helps to maintain its condition for a longer period.”

“It’s a huge honour to be recognised for our passion for beer and our commitment to provide something different for Bedford,” said Beerfly’s Tim Edwards.

“It’s been a fantastic 18 months so far and we have some big plans for the next 12 months.

“This award gives us the confidence to press ahead with these plans with a renewed vigour. Thanks to all those who have been involved in choosing us, we really appreciate your ongoing support.”

This year’s Country Pub title has gone to the Fox at Carlton, while the Sun at Felmersham has been named Cider Pub of the Year.

Roger said, “We are fortunate in having quite a few pubs of different styles in the area which serve good beer and their community.

“Each year we have a high quality field from which to choose so it’s no disrespect to the ones that just missed out this year.”

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