Debenhams to close 50 stores across the UK

Debenhams Bedford

Debenhams has increased the number of stores it will close across the UK as it seeks to turn around record losses. The company will not say which stores are earmarked for closure so we don’t yet know if Bedford will be affected.

The retail store recently said it would be closing 10 stores but as it announces losses of £500m it has increased that number. The shakeup will affect 4,000 jobs.

A Debenhams spokesperson said: “We have identified up to 50 stores, accounting for under 15% of total sales, which are currently profitable, but where we do not see a long term future and which we intend to exit over the next three to five years. This is an ongoing five year programme and we are not disclosing a list of these stores.”

Photo: N. Chadwick

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