County cross country success for Bedford Modern School Athletes

BMS cross country

Cross country runners from Bedford Modern School have swept the board at both the Bedfordia Cross Country Race on 14 January and the District Cross Country event on 23 January.

More than 25 schools competed at the annual Bedfordia Cross Country Race held at Lincroft School with BMS boys and girls from Years 3-8 represented in all six races.

The girls finished in second place with a score of 583 and the boys took first place with 501 points. With a combined score of 1084 it was enough to ensure victory and they were crowned champions.

On the following week it was the turn of the U11 boys’ and girls’ teams at the District Cross Country event at Priory Park and they did not disappoint.

In top form, they each won their respective events with the boys finishing with 69 points and the girls with 59.

Both races had fields of more than 100 competitors, including the best runners from across the district which made the win all the more impressive.

Head of Junior School Sport, Tim Bucktin, commented: “These are both outstanding achievements for all the students involved and shows all the hard work they have put in, both in and out of school.

“In particular Zara Fletcher in Year 6 set the standard by coming in second place in the district event, and Year 5 students Milo Innes not only won his event, but was up against many runners in Year 6; simply outstanding!”

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