Council agrees Bedford’s 2022 to 2026 Corporate Plan should be sent out for consultation

Bedford Borough Hall

Bedford Borough Council’s draft Corporate Plan for 2022 to 2026, has four interlinked goals, with three cross-cutting themes throughout, a meeting heard.

Bedford Borough Council adopted its last Corporate Plan in February 2017 and this was due to end this year.

However, in January its Executive agreed to extend the plan for a further year. This was due to many factors, including the pandemic.

The Executive was told last night (20 October) that a corporate plan does not list everything the Council is expected or wants to do, as it is an overarching strategic document.

Summarising the report, Bedford mayor, Dave Hodgson told the Executive, “The new draft plan, developed during 2021, looked at where we are in terms of our services, our finances in the longer term, and the excellent local community response to the pandemic.

“And our role within the key infrastructure and sub-national projects, such as East West Rail, the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, housing growth and the changing roles of town centres.”

The draft plan, ‘Together Bedford Borough’ has four goals; Enhance Places, Enable Prosperity, Support People and Empower Communities, and will cover the period 2022-2026.

“Each goal is supported by a small number of strategic priorities as all the four goals are interlinked,” the mayor added. “We also have three proposed cross-cutting themes running throughout the corporate plan.”

These cross-cutting themes are Climate Change Emergency, Efficiency and Equalities.

The Executive was told that if they agree to pass this agenda item, then the next step will be a consultation that will include the council’s partners, stakeholders, council staff and the public.

The mayor said, “Once we have collated the feedback from the consultation, we will come back for the final plan to be considered at the Executive in early 2022.”

The Executive, without any follow-up questions or comments, agreed that the Council’s draft Corporate Plan should be sent out for consultation.

Running from 1 November until 10 December 2021, the consultation will include online response forms and a dedicated website, as well as paper copies at all Borough Libraries.

by John Guinn
Local Democracy Reporter

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