Core Performance launch free online workouts to Keep Bedford Fit


A local gym is dedicated to getting Bedford fitter and healthier by launching free online workout videos for the whole community to take part in.

Core Performance, on Elms Farm Industrial Estate, has been closed for the majority of lockdown, but its fitness coaches have remained hard at work, offering online sessions for their members.

Realising how vital physical health was to maintaining good mental health during these extraordinary times, the Core Performance team, and coaches, Heidi and Mel, decided to create free content accessible to everyone.

“The team will be releasing one free workout every week,” explained Jon Wells, the owner of Core Performance.

“The videos are presented by our experienced coaches Mel and Heidi who will be talking through and demonstrating the workouts which we’ve designed to suit all levels and abilities of fitness.”

Ordinarily, in the gym, the workouts would involve anything from using kettlebells to dumbbells. However, the videos will give lots of useful advice on alternative equipment that can be found around the house, including cans, bottles, rucksacks and chairs.

“Although you won’t need any special equipment, we would always advise people to wear suitable clothing for working out ie comfortable, movable clothes and supportive footwear and sports bras,” said Jon.

Coach Mel is keen to encourage Bedfordians to become part of their fitness community.

“Working at Core performance as a coach is about the individual support I can give to each of our members,” she said.

“The sense of community we have here is like no other gym I’ve ever known. To be able to engage with as many people as we can, in and around Bedford to help them feel part of something, along with feeling fitter and healthier, would be amazing.”

Fellow coach, Heidi, said: “People’s physical and mental health has been hugely affected over the last year.

“I love the feedback from our members on how the exercise, interaction and the community spirit really helps them. I enjoy supporting members on leading a healthier lifestyle and seeing the positive changes they make over time.”

You can find the free weekly videos, filmed by Core Performance member, Iain Armstrong, at

Spread the word and let’s keep Bedford fit…

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