Communities asked to get walking to end stalking

People walking along River Great Ouse Image Bedford Borough Council
Image: Bedford Borough Council

In support of National Stalking Awareness Week, Bedford Borough Council is organising a community walk along the River Great Ouse to raise awareness about stalking and provide people with an opportunity to discuss the issue with others.

The walk, due to take place next week (Friday, 26 April) aims to bring together individuals and organisations from across Bedford Borough and Bedfordshire to join forces against stalking.

National Stalking Awareness Week runs from 22 to 26 April as a crucial reminder of the persistent issue of stalking and its impact on individuals’ lives.

Stalking can impact anyone in person or online. This walk is an opportunity for people to come together, share stories, meet professionals who can share advice, and raise awareness of the serious issue of stalking.

“Stalking involves a person becoming fixated or obsessed with another and is a pattern of persistent and unwanted attention that makes you feel hounded, scared anxious or harassed” said Caroline Mackechnie Jarvis, Domestic Abuse and Housing Project Lead Officer at Bedford Borough Council.

She added, “Stalking is a crime, whether it takes place online or offline and we must come together as a community to combat it.”

Anyone can be affected by stalking, and everyone is welcome to join this walk, which is expected to last no longer than an hour. Participants are urged to check the weather forecast for the day and dress accordingly.

River walk

The theme for this year’s awareness week is ‘Joining Forces Against Stalking’, with all members of the public encouraged to unite in putting an end to this crime.

Everyone is asked to gather outside the reception of Bedford Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, from 11.15am on the 26 April.

The route runs along the river, taking the scenic paths available at a leisurely pace. The group will cross the river at the Butterfly Bridge and return along The Embankment, crossing back at Riverside Bridge.

For those interested in attending, please email Caroline at to confirm your participation and allow an estimate of the number of attendees.

For further information about the issue of stalking and National Stalking Awareness Week 2024, please visit

The Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership should be the first point of contact for anyone who is experiencing abuse or knows someone who might need support. Head to or search ‘Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership’.

The event has been made possible through the collaboration of various organisations, including Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership, Bedford Borough Council’s Domestic Abuse Team, Victim Support, and Early Childhood Partnership.

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