Chillingham Green residents fear for future of phone mast tree

The cedar tree on Chillington Green

Residents – concerned for the future of a mature tree in their community – have been given extra time to respond to a planning application for a phone mast after Bedford Borough Council put the wrong location on the site notices.

The proposal is for an 18m phone mast to be installed on the corner of Chillingham Green near the junction of Arundel Drive and Church Lane.

However, the location on the issued planning notices gave the location as Arundel Drive and Applecross Walk.

The deadline for the consultation period was initially 25 March, but due to the administrative error, that has been extended until 9 April.

The proposed site of the 18m mobile phone mast (image credit: Google Maps)

At least one resident has raised their concerns over the proposed location of the mast, particularly its proximity to a mature cedar tree on the green.

A Bedford Borough Council spokesperson said: “Following a concern raised by a resident, we have reviewed the planning application notices and Council website and can confirm that the location we published on the initial notice was not correct.

“The proposed location for the 18m phone mast is the nearby junction of Arundel Drive and Church Lane.

“We are sending out new letters to those residents initially consulted, correcting the address. We will also be replacing the site notices. Alongside this, we will be extending the consultation period to ensure that residents who would like to comment on the planning application are able to do so.”

The Council confirmed that residents now have until Friday 9 April to submit comments on the planning application, ahead of a decision being made on Monday 12 April.

“As part of the planning process, the council’s Tree Officer will be commenting on any impact of the installation of this phone mast on the cedar tree.”

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