“Cheers!” as King’s Arms Project fundraiser climbs equivalent of Mount Everest

Cheers! Sarah reached the 'summit' of Everest at the top of the steps at Albero Lounge

A charity supporter has climbed 8,848.86 metres, the height of Mount Everest, to raise money for the King’s Arms Project.

Sarah Blakely raised over £1,800 for the charity by climbing the height of Everest 8,848.86 metres, using stairs across Bedford.

Sarah began the challenge during the 2021 lockdown and she was cheered on by friends and colleagues as she reached the ‘summit’ on the first floor of Albero Lounge this week.

“It was the perfect way to complete my challenge with friends and colleagues cheering me on,” said Sarah.

“As I climbed Albero Lounge stairs I thought about all the steps King’s Arms Project clients take – the mountains they have to climb to live independently.”

Sarah thanked her friends and family for their generosity in sponsoring her to raise over £1,800 and said that she felt great satisfaction at having completed the challenge, through cold weather and the recent heatwave.

Sarah, surrounded by friends and colleagues

“I enjoyed the personal satisfaction of completing a physical challenge,” she said.

“Also seeing the donations coming in and knowing the difference that this would make to King’s Arms Project clients.

“I had the refugees we support in mind, thinking of the miles they have travelled to get here, then the challenges they face every day. The support from family and friends has been amazing, thank you!”

Describing how she felt now she had completed the challenge, Sarah said: “I feel
gobsmacked that I have done it!

“It shows that if you break a challenge into bite-size pieces – steps in my case – it’s possible.

“If you are considering fundraising for the King’s Arms Project, I would wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.”

Kirstie Cook, CEO at King’s Arms Project said: “It’s fundraisers like Sarah that make a real difference to the people we support – whether that’s providing legal advice to refugees or a home for someone moving off the streets.

“She’s made the challenge fun for her and a joy for the KAP team to cheer her on – thank you, Sarah!”

If you would like to support Sarah, her fundraising page is still open for donations here.

If you would like to find out more about fundraising for the charity, visit their website here.

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