Burglar given over three years in prison for repeated offences

Asif Amin
Asif Amin

Burglar Asif Amin was twice scared off by a big husky dog when he repeatedly tried to break into a house in Bedford in June.

Amin, 42, first got into the home in Foster Street at 3.20am through the front door, St Albans crown court heard yesterday (Thursday).

Prosecutor Martin Mulgrew said, “The large husky dog there caused him to make off. Two hours later at 5.20 in the morning he arrived back at the property on his pushbike, but he was again deterred by the dog.”

That break in happened on 9 June. On 19 July he got into a home in Beaconsfield Street in Bedford where he stole a laptop and a watch.

That home had a doorbell camera which enabled police to identity Amin, who has a distinctive beard and glasses. The burglary left the home owner worried and unable to sleep. She had to take time off work.

Six days later, on 25 July he got into the living room of a flat in Spenser Road, Bedford. He was using his mobile phone as a torch when he was confronted by the owners. He was told to go away and said, “Sorry, wrong house, wrong house.”

Mr Mulgrew said Amin was linked to the crimes by his distinctive appearance from the doorbell footage and by glove marks.

He was arrested and interviewed and answered no comment to police questions.

Amin of Prebend Street, Bedford appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty to two burglaries and two attempted burglaries.

The judge was told he had three previous convictions for burgling peoples’ homes. In 2010 he received an 18 year sentence for drug offences. He was out of prison on licence when he committed the Bedford break-ins.

Edward Ellis, defending said Amin had a traumatic childhood and had experimented with drugs. He said he has sought help for his problems.

Judge Caroline Wigin told him the breaking had caused “considerable distress.”

She jailed him for three years four months saying, “In 2010 you got 18 years for drug offences. When you were released you resumed your offending.”

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