Bum ‘wrap’ for Clapham Road drug dealer jailed for four years

Luton Crown Court
Luton Crown Court

A man caught dealing Class A drugs in a Bedford flat was jailed for four years today (Friday 7 June).

While executing a search warrant on 16 May, Bedfordshire Police found Dale Williams at the flat in Clapham Road at around 10am.

Inside in the living room there were three men, including the defendant.

Drugs were found near the other two men, but 30-year-old Williams – a father of five who had travelled to the flat to deal from London – immediately confessed that the drugs were his.

Prosecutor Sukwinder Dhadda said that Williams was taken into the kitchen of the flat, where he underwent an intimate strip search.

Hidden between the cheeks of his bottom officers recovered 78 cling film wraps of Class A drugs made up of 56 wraps of crack cocaine and 22 wraps of heroin.

The drugs had a total street value of £390, said the prosecutor.

Money was found in his back pocket and he was arrested.

In court today Williams, of Blaby Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, pleaded guilty to two offences of possessing a class A drug with intent.

Judge Lynn Tayton QC, hearing the case, was told that a mobile phone found in the flat that was linked to Williams showed it was linked to drug dealing, and messages found on the device included terms like “Super Banging Deals.”

Miss Dhadda said that, at the time, the defendant was living in London and paid a daily rate to deal in drugs.

Andrew Bowsfield, defending, said his client had shown remorse early on and pleaded guilty at an early stage.

He said the other two men in the flat that day were drug users and Williams had immediately taken responsibility for the drugs found in the living room, telling the officers “They are my drugs not theirs.”

Passing sentence, the judge told Williams: “You fall to be sentenced as a street dealer playing a significant role.”

She jailed him for four years.

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