Building on his success as ‘Mr Bedford’ looks to help others


Pete Smith, a local bodybuilder dubbed ‘Mr Bedford’ is now using his talents to help others achieve their fitness goals, while also setting his sights on winning further competitions including tonight’s Bedford Sports Awards.

Most recently Pete won the Battle of Bedford bodybuilding competition, placing first in the Master’s Category, 1st in the Overall Battle of Bedford, and winning the ‘Mr Bedford’ title.

All this after overcoming personal challenges that have seen him set right a previously unhealthy lifestyle and injuries as well as showing that, being in his forties, age shouldn’t get in the way of fitness.

By day, Pete is a Street Lighting and Winter Maintenance Supervisor, part of the team that coordinates gritting operations and lighting maintenance across the Borough.

Speaking to the Bedford Independent, Pete said that winning his recent awards has now inspired him and his training partner Daniel Owens to set up a Personal Training initiative to help others reach their goals: “I used to be overweight myself and people encouraged me to enter an event. It’s now opened areas where I can help others. We’re now developing a plan to help people get the training, nutrition and rest days that work for them.

“There are too many ‘one size fits all’ plans that have become popular recently but these don’t take into account that everyone is different. Dan and I will be hoping to change that.”

An dPete says he’s not just looking to create more bodybuilders just like him: “Whatever anyone’s goals may be, we’ll find a solution that works for them.”

Tonight Pete will find out if he’s to be named as an outstanding sport achiever at this year’s Bedford Sports Awards. The awards are a celebration of all that is good about sport and physical activity in Bedford.

You can find out more about Pete Smith at his Facebook page.

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