Brickhill Parish Council takes on lease for Mowsbury Walk play area

Mowsbury Walk Play Park
Mowsbury Walk Play Park. Image: Brickhill Parish Council

The Bedford Independent is able to allay concerns of Brickhill residents, following rumours Bedford Borough Council was intending to sell part of an open space in Mowsbury Park.

Residents raised concerns after rumours were spread on social media following the printing of a Council public notice.

However, a Borough Council spokesperson has denied that any part of Moswbury Park is being sold, saying the notice refers to a play park on Moswbury Walk, not far from the St. Mark’s Church Community Centre.

“The Mowsbury Walk play area is being leased to Brickhill Parish Council from the Borough Council on a 99 year lease,” said the spokesperson.

“The transfer of this play area will ensure it can be still used by the community, with the maintenance and upkeep responsibilities taken on by the Parish Council.”

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