Brickhill man spared jail despite breaching a restraining order

Luton Crown Court

A Bedford man who had breached a restraining order put his hands together in prayer today (Friday) after a judge let him out of jail.

Justin Jackson, 34, of Crispin Hill, Brickhill, was banned from going to his mother’s address in March this year after he had assaulted her and caused criminal damage.

But, on 19 October, neighbours who knew he should not go to her home saw him enter, Luton Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Gerard Renouf said the police were called. The mother, who had been drinking, was in a deep sleep on the sofa. She was unaware her son had gone upstairs and was in a bedroom.

Jackson appeared for sentence having admitted breaching a restraining order.

Pree Brada, defending, said he had gone to the house after a family funeral. The police had asked his mother to make a statement, but she refused.

She said the problems between Jackson and his mother start when they begin drinking.
Ms Brada said he had spent more than four weeks in custody – the equivalent of an eight-week sentence.

Judge Andrew Bright QC told him, “When a restraining order is in place, you have to abide by it.”

He said the order will run to March next year, and sentenced him to eight weeks’ custody for the breach.

The judge told him, “You have served that sentence – it means you should be released immediately.

“You need to remember the restraining order – if you go back to her address, you will be re-arrested.”

Jackson put his hands together in prayer and said, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”