Brexit Party confirms candidate in Bedford & Kempston seat


Yesterday (Wednesday) the Brexit Party confirmed that they would be fielding a candidate in the Bedford and Kempston constituency at December’s general election.

The name of the candidate has yet to be confirmed. The deadline for nominations is today (Thursday).

Brexit Party candidates were abruptly withdrawn from the Conservative-held seats in Mid Beds and North East Bedfordshire on Monday. The Bedford and Kempston seat is currently held by Labour’s Mohammad Yasin with a majority of just 789.

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Mike Smithson of said, “This has the potential to siphon off some Conservative votes but I would not overstate it.

“It could also impact on the Labour vote, but UKIP/Brexit Party has never really had a foothold here.”

The Conservative candidate, Ryan Henson said, “Even Farage knows that only a Conservative Government can deliver on Brexit.

“I voted to leave the EU and it is only by voting for the Conservatives that we can deliver on that referendum result.

“It is a two-horse race here in Bedford and Kempston and a vote for any other party will simply lead to the re-election of our Labour MP who has voted to block Brexit at every turn.”

Nigel Farage
Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage

Henry Vann, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Bedford and Kempston said, “We now have a choice between two hard line Brexiteers, Labour who cannot decide where they stand and the Liberal Democrats – the strongest party for Remain.

“The Liberal Democrats are the best chance for voters to stop Brexit.”

The Green Party’s Adrian Spurrell, said, “Some people want to make this election all about Brexit, but there is so much more at stake.

“We must properly address climate breakdown and the ongoing loss of bio diversity. Government plans for Brexit have changed repeatedly since 2016, and any deal should be put to a ‘People’s Vote’ so we can all have a say on the future of the UK.”

Labour candidate Mohammad Yasin said, “It is no surprise that The Brexit Party are standing in Bedford and Kempston. It’s quite clear a Conservative Party led Brexit is in disarray and has failed to appeal to the majority of voters both leave and remain.”

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