Brewpoint challenges local creatives to make designs on their beers

Brewpoint Brewery Artists Impression
In June 2019, Bedford's oldest brewing family revealed exclusively to the Bedford Indepednent what they had in store for their new HQ.

Ever fancied seeing your artwork in pride of place on the bar at your local pub?

Brewpoint, the new flagship Bedford brewery, venue and home of Wells & Co in Fairhill, opens later this year and the team are busy working on the branding for the selection of beers to be brewed ready for its opening.

Via their social media channels, they are challenging local artists, illustrators and other creative types to submit their design work to become an integral part of the new seasonal range of cask beers destined for sale in local pubs and at Brewpoint itself.

Tom Foddy, Head of Marketing for Wells & Co., said, “We had planned to launch this challenge later in the year, but have been approached by numerous people regarding any design briefs we had whilst they were social distancing or self-isolating to keep their creative spark alive.

“As such, the time felt right to invite the people of Bedford to get involved and make their mark on their new local brewery.”

The project focuses on a new cask ale range and must include a specific pump clip template, available on request from the Brewpoint team.

Tom said, “We are looking for an A3 image that defines the designer, artist or illustrator’s style; from this work, a section of the design will be included to make up the pump clips.”

The Brewpoint team intend to use up to 18 pieces of work for this project. Any designs selected will be paid for as a commissioned piece of work to be used on the brewery’s pump clips, and also available as signed and numbered, limited edition prints. These will be sold at the brewery as well as via its online shop.

“There is so much talent out there, everyone has their own unique style, especially in the local area of Bedfordshire,” said Tom.

“We are keen to work with and promote our local community as much as possible. We have a close relationship with Bedford College via briefs we’ve collaborated on in the past, and have already employed two graduates from their design course as part of our in-house design team.

“The challenge runs for the next four weeks; more information is available via our Brewpoint Facebook and Instagram pages.

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