Brewing well under way as Bedford’s newest brewery opens this week

Brewpoint's Brewteam
Brewpoint's Brewteam

Brewing is well under way as Bedford’s newest brewery, Well’s and Co’s Brewpoint, opens its doors to the public this week.

The brewery has been slowly taking shape at Cut Throat Lane, Fairhill, just off the A6 roundabout outside Clapham.

“It’s truly exciting to have beer production underway in our new home, Brewpoint,” said Group Managing Director Peter Wells.

Delays imposed by coronavirus didn’t hamper the project too much, with the brewery being delivered very close to the original timeline so the brewery’s ‘brew crew’ could get to work.

They’ve been busy creating their brand new ‘On Point’ pale ale, a 4.0% ABV keg and canned beer that they say offers bright tropical and citrus flavours on a light malt base.

‘Origin’ pale ale, 3.7% ABV, will also be available on cask, balancing malt sweetness with crisp bitterness, tropical fruit and citrus late hop notes.

These brews were chosen, after feedback gathered from beers produced as part of the Wandering Brewer range, a series of collaborations with some of the UK’s best breweries.

Brewpoint's On Point Pale Ale
Brewpoint’s On Point Pale Ale

“We’re exceptionally excited about our state-of-the-art Braukon brewing equipment we’ve invested in for Brewpoint, which will ensure that the beer we produce is of the best possible quality,” added Peter.

“Our packaging flexibility is also unparalleled, and the range of innovative brews we have planned will give consumers ongoing reasons to visit both our new home and our pub estate during an otherwise testing time for the industry.”

Local beer fans will be able to try the beers for themselves from this Thursday (8 October) with Brewpoint creating a temporary pop-up beer garden for 11 weeks.

“Visitors will be able to get a real flavour for Brewpoint via the ground-breaking beers, delicious food, retail opportunities and entertainment on offer,” they say.

To book your table of up to six people at the Taste of Brewpoint pop up bar, visit their website.

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