Breads of Bedford ‘kneads’ you this Saturday…

Companions bread
Photo credit: Cat Lane

Real Bread Week starts this Saturday 22 February and to mark the occasion, Real Bread bakery, Companions is celebrating Bedford’s diversity through bread and they ‘knead’ your help.

With a theme of ‘Together We Rise’, Companions’ staff and volunteers will be at the Harpur Centre on Saturday inviting Bedfordians to bring a sample loaf of their favourite home-made bread along between 11am and 2pm.

They are hoping to see a wide range of offerings from baguette to chleb to injera to mantou to chapati to the Irish porridge bread that has already been promised.

Everything brought along will become part of their display of the ‘Breads of Bedford’.

Companions’ Nigel Spencer and the Gallery’s Simon Gillett

Meanwhile there will be a demonstration of how Companions make their own genuine sourdough and an opportunity to take away some of their sourdough starter to use to make your own bread at home.

Participants in a survey can enter a draw for a free place on one of Companions’ popular bread-making workshops that take place at their Howard Street bakery, worth £80.

“As a social enterprise, we’re trying to build a more resilient and cohesive community in Bedford,” explained Companions’ board member, Maggie Rich.

“Bread is pretty much a global food, so it really is something we should be able to gather round to celebrate our town’s rich diversity.

“At the same time, we want to ensure that all of Bedford’s residents are aware of what we have to offer – a helping hand for people who’ve made wrong choices in the past and are now struggling to get back on track for a more positive future.”

Real Bread Week

The bakery is also considering extended its regular range of bread products, and wants to explore the possibility of including one or more breads that might appeal to a minority ethnic group, so they hope that this event might bring in some contenders.

The Community Interest Company was set up in 2016, and its day-to-day management  team is completely made up of ex-offenders. They now serve as ‘Leaders through Lived Experience’ to those who volunteer in the bakery.

Thanks to a recent generous grant from the local House of Industry fund (managed by Bedford Borough Council) you will soon be seeing a nifty little electric van sporting Companions’ logo delivering their delicious genuine sourdough around the town.

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