blender brings live music to Bedford’s Brewpoint this month

Brewpoint blender

Live music is returning to Bedford this month, as Brewpoint launches Music on Point at its outdoor pop up bar.

Curated by the blender team, the live music evenings will run at Brewpoint’s new landmark HQ in Bedford from 23 – 25 October.

The three nights will feature a hand-picked selection of local acts showcasing their unique sounds at A Taste Of Brewpoint, the outdoor bar which is open for food and drink until Christmas.

Although the full line-up is still under wraps, the team can reveal that The Pride, Bedford’s favourite party band, will be bringing their set of rocksteady and reggae classics to get the crowd bouncing in their seats.

Also, fresh from her debut show at London’s Jazz Cafe, blender favourite, Enne, will be performing.

Enne will be performing at blender’s Brewpoint event

“Our community is a discerning bunch,” said blender’s Alan Cooley.

“We stake our reputation on producing engaging line-ups with quality sound for select events.

“We’re really look forward to welcoming that community down to Brewpoint for a good time. No local business has attempted something like this during these extremely difficult times, and we’re enthusiastic about supporting that ambition.

“Since lockdown, we have been constantly seeking out opportunities to provide local musicians with a place and platform to perform amidst all this chaos.

“Our stint at A Taste Of Brewpoint will be the icing on the cake.”

Peter Wells of Wells & Co. adds, “After the deafening silence that has been much of 2020 for live music fans, we at Brewpoint couldn’t be more excited to invite the blender team to host a housewarming party for our new home later this month.

“A Taste of Brewpoint is the perfect space to provide a safe, socially distanced yet truly welcoming experience for beer and music fans alike.

“Combined with the welcome news that our friends at Bedford’s live music venue, Esquires, will be reopening their doors from early November, it really feels as though Bedford is leading the charge for Covid-safe gigs at present, and we’re proud to play a part in that renaissance.”

Tickets are on sale now, priced at £10 plus booking fee. Head to to secure yours.

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