Best-selling novelist Joanna Trollope supports Bedford-based literacy charity, Schoolreaders

Joanna Trollope
Joanna Trollope

Schoolreaders, the Bedford-based charity that aims to improve childhood literacy, is delighted to announce that Joanna Trollope, one of the country’s best-loved writers has become an Author Supporter.

The charity provides and matches volunteers from the local community to listen to children read in primary schools across the country.  More than 12,000 children are currently receiving a one-to-one reading session with a Schoolreaders’ volunteer every week.

Joanna was recently guest speaker at a fundraising luncheon at Woburn Abbey, at which over £18,000 was raised for Schoolreaders.

The author of over 30 books said, “I am delighted to be supporting Schoolreaders.  Poor literacy is a very real issue in this country and Schoolreaders is helping address this at such an important time in a young person’s life.

“A good command of literacy and reading really does open up opportunities for young people and I wish Schoolreaders every success with their campaign in improving literacy amongst primary school children.”

Jane Whitbread, founder of Schoolreaders said, “We are so grateful to Joanna for being one of our Author Supporters.

“This will help us to continue to raise our profile and encourage more schools and volunteers to sign up to our reading support scheme.   In turn, this will mean that hundreds more children will benefit with better reading skills and wider life opportunities.

“Schoolreaders can provide a child with a weekly one-to-one reading session for a whole year for the relatively low cost of just £15.  The service is free to schools.

“Our fundraising lunch at Woburn Abbey was a great success and the funds raised will enable us to provide more than 1,000 children with weekly reading support for a year;  a vital service when you consider that one in four children left primary school last year, not being able to read to the expected standard.”

Schoolreaders is based at Bedford Heights on Manton Lane.

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