Bedfordshire Tory MPs split over choice for new party leader

NE Bedfordshire MP, Richard Fuller and Rishi Sunak MP

North East Bedfordshire MP, Richard Fuller, has today confirmed his support for Rishi Sunak as the next leader of the Conservative party.

In contrast, Mid Bedfordshire MP, Nadine Dorries, has said on LBC, that “all hell will break loose” if Mr Sunak becomes prime minister.

Mr Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer whose resignation triggered the last leadership election, has the required backing of at least 100 Conservative MPs.

The former prime minister, Boris Johnson, ruled himself out of the contest last night, meaning Rishi Sunak could be announced as the new leader of the party as early as this afternoon (Monday), if his rival, Penny Mordaunt, fails to achieve 100 nominations.

On his website, Mr Fuller outlined his support for Rishi Sunak, confirming that his nomination had been submitted “over the weekend.”

He said: “Over the Summer, and in my earlier comments when Mr Sunak was Chancellor, I have highlighted his intellect, prodigious capacity for work and strong ethical code.

“It was for those reasons that I supported his campaign earlier this year.

“There are few, if any, in Parliament today who can equal this level of talent and I hope we will all come together to wish him well as he tackles the response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the management of the increased debt burden from Covid and as he sets out his vision for our country’s future.”

This view was not shared by Ms Dorries.

In her interview with Rachel Johnson on LBC, the Bedfordshire MP said: “If Rishi becomes automatically Prime Minister by Tuesday I think all Hell will break loose,”

“He’s got no mandate from the people…[he] lost every election he’s gone up for.

“He lost the leadership election to Liz Truss, he hasn’t won this one, he won’t have gone to the members for the vote, and I think it will be very very difficult for him to sustain the pressure not to go for a General Election.

“He’s got no mandate, whatsoever, to be Prime Minister of this country.”

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