Bedfordshire Special Constables volunteer 1,200 hours amidst coronavirus pandemic

Bedfordshire Police special constables
Police Community Officers are social distancing while patrolling Bedford

Special constables are providing hundreds of hours of volunteer support to Bedfordshire Police force’s operations during the on-going Covid-19 outbreak.

Since the lockdown began three weeks ago, the special constabulary have signed up to over 100 duties and volunteered 1,200 hours to supporting the government in ensuring residents comply with the guidelines to stay at home and save lives.

An impressive 276 hours were volunteered by the North and Central special constables in Bedfordshire this Easter bank holiday weekend supporting on-going operations and conducting additional patrols.

During their duties the volunteer officers been involved in 12 arrests, attended 74 anti-social behaviour incidents and carried out 314 patrols, including 64 hours of motorcycle patrols.

Superintendent Nick Lyall said, “Our special constables are doing an amazing job and we can’t thank them enough. During this time, they have really helped with activities including educating and encouraging members of the public to follow government guidance and supporting our on-going operations.

“Special constables have the same powers and wear the same uniform as our regular officers and during this time where there is a heightened risk to our frontline we are extremely grateful for those still willing to give back to their community. We are providing our all specials and regular officers with the relevant resources and public protection equipment to keep them safe during this time.”

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As the force is experiencing a record number of calls for service during the pandemic, one special constable was part of a team that attended 35 incidents in a seven-hour shift including locating two stolen vehicles and attending reports of nuisance motorcycles.

Acting Special Chief Inspector Dean Torr said: “I am very proud of all the hours volunteered by the Bedfordshire special constabulary during this time of crisis.

“It’s fantastic to see the numbers of hours being volunteered to patrol Bedfordshire this Easter weekend. We have been able to provide vital reassurance to the communities and help deter members of the public from breaching government guidance.”

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