Bedford’s parks win big at Keep Britain Tidy awards and retain Green Flags


Bedford’s parks have yet again retained their green flag awards as part of the ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ campaign.

The following parks have retained their prestigious Green Flag Community Awards:

  • Hill Rise Local Nature Reserve
  • Mowsbury Hillfort
  • Putnoe Wood

The following were added to this year’s winners list:

  • Addison Howard Park
  • Bedford Park
  • Harrold-Odell Country Park
  • Priory Country Park

Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: “Our parks and open spaces are a huge point of pride for people in Bedford Borough. The staff and volunteers who work in our parks and open spaces do an incredible job of keeping them in fantastic condition and we owe them a huge amount of thanks for that.

“We know that in recent years parks have become an increasingly important part of people’s lives, so it’s great to see our parks continue to flourish and retain their Green Flag Awards.”

Priory Park received its highest score to date and celebrated receiving its 21st consecutive award.

Also flying high was Harrold Odell Country Park, celebrating its 15th award in a row.

Priory Country park and Bedford Park benefitted from significant improvement projects this year. Bedford Park introduced a large playground with a fairy-tale themed refurbishment.

Priory Country Park installed a new outdoor gym area and all-weather footpaths around the lake.

Judges specifically mentioned the passion and care of staff and volunteers involved with all the parks. Special mention was given to the council not using chemicals which is helping the pollinators thrive.

Keep Britain Tidy’s Accreditation Manager Paul Todd said: “These sites provide vital green space for communities in Bedford Borough. This award is testament to all the hard work of staff and volunteers, who do so much to ensure that it maintains the high standards demanded by the Green Flag Award.”

The Green Flag Award scheme recognises and rewards well-managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for their management across the United Kingdom and around the world.

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