Bedford’s first ‘cat café’ is coming to town

Cat cafe
Cats and a cuppa - the purrrfect pair

A mother and daughter from Bedford are aiming to open the town’s first cat cafe, where guests can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of spending time with cats over a cuppa.

Paula and Willow Mayes have set up a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise £25,000 they need to make their feline dream a reality.

“The cat cafe will be focusing on the therapeutic and health benefits of cats,” said Willow.

“The idea is that people will come to the cafe and enjoy good food and drink whilst spending time with cats. There is lots of research out there about the benefits of being around cats.”

The self-confessed cat-crazy duo also hope that it will be a great place for people to come who are unable to keep pets themselves.

Willow with her two cats, Lillith and Mr Wobbles

“We have decided to do this as we love cats and want to share this love of cats and the happiness they bring us to other people,” said Willow.

“We have been to several cat cafes in the UK, both good and bad and this has helped us to work out how to do this in a way that will ensure the welfare of our cats.

“We need to raise £25,000 to secure and refurbish premises, ensure an enriched and comfortable environment as the cats’ safety and welfare is at the forefront of what we are doing, as well as obtaining relevant licences and insurances needed.

“The Kickstarter is not the only option we are looking at to fund this project but felt it was a good place to start.”

If you would like to find out more or contribute, visit the Bedford Cat Café Kickstarter page.

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