Bedford pensioners could be missing out on thousands


Bedford pensioners could miss out on thousands of extra pension credits each year and are urged to check their eligibility.

Recent figures estimate that 123 Bedford Borough pensioners are not claiming Pension Credit that they are eligible for and could be missing out on £2,700 a year.

Portfolio Holder for Adult Services, Councillor Dean Crofts (Lib Dem, Kingsbrook) said: “It is important that residents get the support they are entitled to, especially given the huge rises in the cost of living.

“We are in the process of trying to identify those residents who are missing out on this benefit, but in the meantime, I urge all pensioners to check whether they are eligible before 24th August.”

Those who apply before 24 August, and are eligible, will receive an extra cost of living payment of £650 and have £300 added to their Winter Fuel Payments.

You are eligible to claim Pension Credit if you are:

  • a single pensioner with income less than £182.60 per week
  • a couple (who are both pensioners) with joint income less than £278.70 per week

Pension credit tops up weekly income to the standard minimum amount above.

That means that if you’re a single pensioner receiving less than £182.60 per week, the pension credit will top you up to a minimum of £182.60 per week. Couples would be topped up to a minimum of £278.70 per week.

In Bedford Borough, pension credits also allow residents to receive:

  • 100% Council Tax Support
  • Housing benefit
  • NHS discounts
  • A free TV licence if you’re over 75