Bedford opticians hand deliver glasses to those in self isolation

Optometrist Simon Donne, practice partner Susan Emms and optometrist Simon Browning

To support vulnerable customers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, an independent opticians in Bedford is offering home deilvery.

Team members at Donne & Browning Opticians, in Bedford’s Old Arcade, are delivering glasses to those in need, including older members of the community and high-risk patients, who are following government advice to self-isolate.

While the practice remains open as usual, team members will travel free of charge to the door of patients who cannot visit the practice, even delivering contact lenses and solution to those in self isolation.

Donne & Browning are also maintaining their commitment to repairing existing spectacles, as any patient who sends in their glasses can expect them to be delivered back to their home as soon as possible.

For patients who require an emergency pair of glasses but are unable to come into practice, they will be able to visit Donne & Browning‘s website and select a replacement pair that will also be delivered to their door.

Patients can then choose a replacement pair in practice when it is safe for them to do so, which will be discounted off the original price paid for the online order.

Special attention has also been made to ensure regular disinfection of all equipment in practice, as well as door handles, frames and sunglasses to ensure there is a safe environment when a patient visits.

Patients can also request a closed-door clinic with their optometrist, meaning the practice will be closed to all but staff members, to avoid potential interaction with other patients.

Practice partner Susan Emms said, “The wellbeing of our patients is our highest priority, so these measures are about ensuring the health of those in local area is maintained during this period of uncertainty.

“We hope by extending our services beyond our normal capacity will allow our patients to follow government guidelines of staying at home, whilst retaining peace of mind in their eye health.

“Our eyes are one of our most valued assets, so it’s vitally important that we stay open and guarantee that our patients are receiving the same level of care and attention, even in these testing times.

“All of our thoughts go out to all of those affected by COVID-19 and we hope we can continue to support our community for as long as possible.”

For more information on how Donne & Browning can help, call the practice on 01223 350043.

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