Bedford needs local news now more than ever

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has already pushed many businesses, communities and individuals to the limit.

At times like these, it’s vital that trusted news sources are accessible to as many people as possible, sharing information, keeping people safe and building community spirit.

As Maurizio Molinari, editor-in-chief of Italy’s La Stampa, wrote in The Guardian, “We [journalists] are facing daily risks but we must keep informing our readers.

“Because when a democracy is under attack, even by a virus, free and independent information has a strategic value: all those who stay home rely on newspapers like ours to know what is going on.”

Like most media outlets, advertiser revenue is essential for the Bedford Independent to pay our bills.

Keep Local News Alive

Unfortunately, our advertisers have been hugely affected financially by the current crisis, which has an inevitable knock-on effect to us.

That brings with it the challenge of us being able to pay our own suppliers so we can continue providing a much-needed source of news in Bedford.

The ever-shifting nature of the crisis also means that we are under increased pressure to deliver the news quickly, while making sure what we’re reporting is fact-checked and responsible.

As schools close and social-distancing increases, we are facing increasingly challenging working conditions.

The Bedford Independent was set up to fill the gap in local news. Since we launched in 2018, the Times & Citizen’s distribution has dropped to around 20,000.

The vast majority of the Borough’s residents no longer receive a weekly paper through their door.

We reach an average of 110,000 readers every single month and are so grateful to every single one of our readers for their support.

Reading, sharing, commenting on our stories reassures us that there is not just a thirst for news in Bedford Borough, but also that you value our hard work Something we are truly grateful for.

We are one of only two regulated news sources in the Borough, and we’re committed to delivering reliable, fact-checked information, whatever the current situation throws at us.

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We do this because we are Bedfordians like you. We love our Borough and we want to help support the businesses and people who make Bedford brilliant.

If you have ever found any of our articles useful or interesting, if you value what we do, please donate a small amount to keep the Bedford Independent going during this time.

Whatever you can give will go a long way and keep your local and trusted news desk going, so you know what’s happening on your doorstep.

You can make a donation here:

Thank you and stay safe,

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