High-end recruitment group locates to Bedford


A high-end recruitment group with global outreach is launching a new company in Bedford’s burgeoning Castle Quarter, using it as a base to expand services into the East Midlands, East Anglia and the Home Counties.

Based at computing hub Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, identifi Group specialises in candidate-led recruitment for mid to senior level staff in cyber security, business change and transformation, and IT professionals.

Founded in 2015 by directors Gary Fay and Peter Sanders, identifi Global has quickly established itself with many leading UK and European companies as a trusted, knowledgeable partner with an extensive network in this high-value, specialist skilled sector.

The new company, identifi Office Professionals, will take advantage of a growing demand for candidates across a range of business functions, including finance, HR, sales and marketing, procurement and product.

Identifi GroupThrough its candidate charter the company will continue to apply its candidate first approach to these sectors.

It plans to provide up to a dozen new jobs at the Bedford business in its first year.

Bedford Mayor, Dave Hodgson, said: “The Bedford Borough economy is continuing to grow, and identifi Office Professionals’ expansion in the borough is another example of significant recent business investment.

“I’m very pleased to welcome companies such as identifi Office Professionals, who offer services to local skilled residents, to Bedford Borough, and I wish them every success in their new venture.”

In 2016 the company launched identifi Auto Tech to recruit automotive professionals across the UK and Europe. 

It now boasts the largest database of automotive vehicle technicians in the UK and is recruitment partner for leading vehicle bodyshop repair and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) specialists.

The Auto Tech business will also relocate to the Bedford office.

Gary Fay said:  “We are excited to be launching a modern, digital business into the Castle Quarter. 

“This is small corner of Bedford with big ambitions to attract like-minded digitally-focused businesses. 

“We believe we can tap into the huge pool of candidates who opt to leave Bedford each morning for the expensive London commute, bringing immediate benefits to the area’s business community.

“The wealth of professional experience we have accumulated in the past four years will also be brought to bear on professional recruitment in the Home Counties, East Anglia and the East Midlands, using Bedford as a strategic base.”

Peter Sanders said: “We offer industry-leading training and development, regardless of experience, to ensure candidates find a workplace where they are safe, happy, rewarded, trained and developed.

“We are looking for new staff and welcome applications from highly motivated, customer service driven professionals.

“We are a team of skilled, well-networked consultants who consistently deliver an effective combination of local, regional and national talent.”

Gary Fay grew up in Bedford. In the 1990s he owned pubs in the town. 

He has worked at board level for global recruitment companies and has more than 20 years’ experience as a professional search specialist in the UK and Europe.

Peter Sanders moved to Bedford five years ago with his wife and family. 

His career began in retail, where he managed several multi-million pound, award-winning stores. 

During 13 years in recruitment he has worked in commerce and government sectors covering the UK, Europe and North America.

[This is a paid for advertorial by identifi Group]

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