Bedford Kickboxers return home as world champions


Kickboxers from Bedford have returned home as world champions after securing a significant medal haul in the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA) World Championships in Jamaica.

The world championships saw kick-boxing teams come from dojos all over the world, with a healthy team from Bedford who brought back medals from the following exceptional fighters from East Area Thai & Kickboxing:

  • Leon Thompson 🥇🥇🥈🥉
  • Jaden Thompson 🥇🥇🥉
  • Brennan Fox 🥇🥈🥉
  • Zayaan Williamson 🥇🥇🥉
  • Mario Colapietro 🥈🥉🥉
  • Carlos Novias 🥈
  • Nigel Thompson 🥇🥈🥉

Coach Nigel Thomson, 56, secured a gold, silver and bronze in each of his categories and wasn’t even due to fight until he decided at the last minute to register. This was the first competition he has taken part in for 18 years.

Zayaan, who is a student at Kimberley STEM College, also spoke to the Bedford Independent about how, alongside his training, he now has his sights on scoring high with his academic studies: “I currently study computer sciences and hope to get a job in that area to help with experience, my ultimate aim is to become a pilot and so I’ll be also looking to study in Maths and Physics too.”

Tim Pain, owner of Bedford Heights, who sponsored Zayaan, said anyone would be lucky to have Zayaan as part of their team “I couldn’t be more thrilled for Zayaan. He did himself and all his supporters proud in Jamaica; to go out there and win two gold medals and a silver medal is a remarkable achievement and a deserved result given how hard he works. I wish him well in finding work experience in the computing industry.”

Meanwhile, Nigel, who is an instructor and coach for East Area Thai & Kickboxing, says he’s hoping more youngsters will follow in Zayaan’s footsteps and take up Kickboxing or other martial arts. He currently teaches over 180 people a week helping to give them self-discipline and to keep them focussed and away from gangs and street crime.

In our video, Zayaan talks about what he gets out of Kickboxing and Nigel tells us about his decision to register at the last minute.