Bedford Independent launches “truly local” online property pages

Bedford Independent Property Pages Collage
Bedford Independent's Property Pages will feature homes from across the Borough.

The Bedford Independent has launched a brand new property platform which will help home buyers get under the skin of the property market in Bedford and see what it’s like to live in the Borough.

What makes the Bedford Independent’s Property Pages different to others, is the local knowledge that will be available on each page.

While similar platforms are available, these cover a national area and so struggle to show what an area is like at a local level.

These new property pages will include news and descriptions of each area with insights from local people.

Russell Beard of Cooper Beard, the first estate agent to sign up to the platform, said: “Having a property platform that gives truly local information alongside our listings will give a significant boost to promoting homes around Bedford Borough to potential buyers.

“As an estate agent we need to make sure our listings are seen everywhere. With more and more people searching for properties online, the Bedford Independent’s property pages are exactly what an estate agent needs.”

Bedford Independent Property Pages Typical listing
A typical listing gives high-quality images, floor plans, local news and information.

Speed is also a massive factor in finding the right home. The Bedford Independent Property Pages will have have new properties available as quickly as 15 minutes after they’ve been listed.

What’s more, the fully searchable listings will mean anyone looking for a new home will be able to find the perfect home based on budget, area, size and type.

There will also be featured properties too, highlighting the best homes in the area on the market.

Commercial director at the Bedford Independent, Julia Course-Crofts, added: “The Bedford Independent Property Pages will give people far and wide unrivalled access to homes of all shapes and styles alongside local information and knowledge that they can’t find anywhere else.

“By being online home buyers can find their dream home on their desktop, tablet or mobile at their convenience.”

To see the homes already listed on our property pages, head to

If you’re an estate agent and you’d like to be listed on the Bedford Independent Property Pages, contact to discuss options.

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