“Bedford has really stood up” bar owner praises town for support after accident


The owner of a Bedford Cheese and Wine bar said she’s been “overwhelmed” by support from customers and fellow businesses after an accident forced them to close this week.

A car smashed into the front of Decant Cheese and Wine bar on Castle Lane, Bedford on Monday night (8 November).

Owner Sophie Robinson said she was “thankful” they were closed when the accident happened but says that it now appears they’ll be closed over the Christmas period.

“It’s a blow to have to close over Christmas. There’s a three-week lead time on ordering glass for the windows but we can’t do that until the insurance company have made their full assessment.”

But Sophie says she and her team are not dwelling on what’s gone wrong and already have plans to keep Decant going.

“We’ve set up an order system on our website, called Decant To Go, and people can order anything from the Decant menu to enjoy at home.”

Decant Wine and Cheese Bar sharing board
You can order from the Decant menu to enjoy their wines, cheeses and boards at home.

Plus they’re in talks to collaborate with neighbouring businesses so people might still be able to continue to enjoy Decant, albeit somewhere else temporarily.

“The support from customers and local businesses has been overwhelming,” said Sophie.

“Thank you to everyone for their amazing support, it’s been totally overwhelming and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing with customers offering to help clean up.

“It’s been unreal. Bedford has really stood up, again,” she said.

Wine, cheese, charcuterie, grazing boards and hampers are available from Decant To Go at bedfordcheesecompany.co.uk/decant-to-go.

Orders will usually be ready within 24 hours, but Sophie says they may be able to have them ready before if needed.

Sophie added, “it’s a great way for people to enjoy Decant at home but will also help take care of nibbles and wine for any get-togethers over Christmas too.”

Bedfordshire Police said a 17-year-old boy was being questioned in connection with the incident.

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