Bedford golfers swing into action to raise £4,000 for Sue Ryder hospice

Team Wilstead won the competition 9.5 - 8.5 to level the series, which began in 2007.

Two teams of golfers from two villages have raised a record-breaking amount of money for Sue Ryder Hospice in the annual Houghton-Wilstead Golf Cup.

36 players from Houghton Conquest and 36 from Wilstead took part in the competition that has been running for over a decade in aid of Sue Ryder Hospice, raising £4,000 in the process.

Cainhoe Wood Golf Club in Beadlow was the venue for the hotly contested trophy from the A6 divide, with Wilstead winning the 2021 edition by a tight margin of 9.5 to 8.5 points.

That victory ties the overall standings 7-7 since the first edition in 2007.

The now annual competition is thanks to the Thiarra family; a family of keen golfers who have lived in both villages, and has blossomed to the larger event it is today.

The event was inspired by former landlord of the Woolpack pub in Wilstead, Clint Rogers, who was supported with end of life care by the hospice.

The final figure of £4,000 is a record for the event, which is going from strength to strength after a brief lay off last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This event is about friendship and bringing the community together,” said organiser Ranvir Thiarra.

“When we first started, there were people from both villages who had never met each other. Now they play golf with each other in this annual competition and have made friends for life.”

“We sadly had to cancel it in 2020 because of the pandemic, so it was great to bring everyone together again. Local community is at the core of this cup.”

Ellie Burke, Community Fundraiser at Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice, said: “Our heartfelt thanks to Ranvir and the Thiarra family, and everyone involved with the Houghton Wilstead Golf Cup.”

“Your drive to bring everyone in the local community together and give back is really inspiring.”

“The funds you have all raised help us to be able to continue to offer our compassionate care to local people and their families – and fill someone’s last days with love.”

Healthcare charity, Sue Ryder, which runs Sue Ryder St John’s Hospice, launched an appeal this summer asking people to help them fill families’ final days together with love.

By supporting their ‘Room Full of Love’ campaign, you can help Sue Ryder nurses and staff to continue to go above and beyond, helping to give families a better goodbye. For more information visit

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