Bedford gardening writer seeks help to bring houseplant book to life

Jane Perrone
Jane Perrone, in her own indoor jungle at home in Bedford

Bedford resident and former Guardian gardening editor, Jane Perrone, is seeking support for her new book, a celebration of houseplants.

Through her podcast, On The Ledge, Jane has been helping people grow their own indoor jungles since 2017, and she also writes a monthly column on houseplants for Gardens Illustrated and can regularly be seen in the Financial Times and the Guardian.

She is currently crowdfunding the new book, Legends of the Leaf, which will explore the native roots of 25 iconic houseplants, from string of beads to the Chinese money plant.

The book will include in-depth care tips for each of the 25 plants profiled, as well as explaining how they live in the wild, what they are used for by local people and how they ended up on our window sills.

The appeal got off to a great start since its launch with the publisher Unbound in September, garnering more than 100 supporters in just two days and hitting 37% of its target by mid-October.

However, the book won’t hit the printers until Jane achieves 100% of the crowdfunding target.

There are different rewards for different pledge levels, including a copy of the first-edition, hardback book, the ebook and your name in the back for a pledge of £25 or the ebook edition of the book in exchange for a £10 pledge.

You can find out more about the crowdfunder and make a pledge here.

“I’m so excited to see how much support the book is getting already,” said Jane.

“It’s a lifelong dream to write a book about houseplants, and I’m also excited to be working with illustrator Helen Entwisle, who will be creating 25 original images: one for each of the iconic plants featured in the book.”

Jane is often to be found wandering the streets of Bedford with her lurcher Wolfie, chalking the names of wild plants on the pavement, but she also loves checking out what everyone’s growing inside.

“It’s fascinating to see what leaves are poking past the net curtains, and I can report that there’s clearly a passion for houseplants among Bedfordians.”

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