Bedford community comes together to give little boy his wish


A little boy from Bedford with a life-limiting illness has had his wish come true and seen his own book published thanks to volunteers, artists and businesses in Bedford.

Pritti Saggi of Bedford based, Creating Memories, heard the story of Hamza who wished to have a story he had created made into a book, and decided to see if she could make it happen.

Pritti got together with printers, artists and other businesses to see how best to realise Hamza’s dream “I first of all approached Dave Lawrence from Swan Print who was on board straight away” says Pritti, “then local artist Anne-Marie Stijelja started to help and put me in touch with Rachael at Rogan’s Books, that’s when things really started to take off.”

Through the collective effort of these people, Hamza got to see his book being made and even met Derek the Dalek thanks to Michael R Peters Bedford. The printing, design and sale costs have all been taken care of so that all proceeds can go to Keech Hospice Care, where Hamza is currently receiving care.

A launch event was then put together at Rogan’s Books, which was decorated to match the robot theme of Hamza‘s book, a special Robot Cake was made, and a huge Meccano Robot was also donated by another local boy Richard Brummit, who has now said that Hamza can keep the toy as he loved it so much. At the launch event,Hamza even made the very first sale of the book himself.

“This was a true community effort to make Hamza‘s wish come true” said Pritti, “it was so nice to see him so happy and genuinely exited with all the surprises. But it wouldn’t have happened without the help of Jenni at Keech Hospice, Dave Lawrence and his team at Swan Print, Paul Mead from Michael R Peters, Rachael Rogan of Rogan’s Books, Rebekah Saunders, Anne-Marie Stijelja, Limes of Bedford, La Fontana, Richard Brummit and his mum Katrina, and Kallkwik in Bedford. Thank you to all of you.”

Pritti adds that the whole experience has inspired her to do more to help children like Hamaza. “After losing two people close to me I realise that it’s the little things that matter and to be able to bring a little joy to someone when they don’t have long left is priceless. I would like to work with local businesses and people to make these wishes come true. So please help me to light up these little faces. Help can be in the form of donations, time and services. Get in touch and let’s find a way to work together and create memories.”

If you would like to help Creating Memories or know of someone that they could help, you can contact Pritti via

Images: Keech Hospice Care and Rachael Rogan.

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