Bedford Blues Community merges with Blues Foundation to create one team

Blues Foundation Logo

Since its inception in 2020, the Blues Foundation has gone from strength to strength in increasing wellbeing, skills and inclusivity in Bedford through a number of charity initiatives.

Now, it has merged with Bedford Blues Community Department to create one superstructure to cover the whole range of Bedford Blues’ community and charity activities.

The Bedford Blues Community Department, formed in 2017, has been at the forefront of providing sporting and educational opportunities and has grown substantially with a plethora of full and part-time staff.

Now, however, the community team will work under the newer Blues Foundation banner, a merging of the sporting side and the charity side to create one foundation, with one set of aims.

The charitable arm of Bedford Blues, Blues Foundation’s main objectives is to promote positive lifestyle choices and deliver flagship provisions, including ABILITY Blues, Try to Change and Tackle LIFE.

The groundwork put into place by Blues Foundation across the county since the beginning of the pandemic has seen an upturn in participation in sport as well as the promotion of positive lifestyle choices.

One foundation equals one set of key aims

Bedford Blues Chief Operating Officer, Gareth Alred has greeted the merger with optimism and is excited about the future of what the Foundation can offer.

“This is another really exciting step for both the club and charity as both organisations continue in their next stage of growth.

“We are lucky to have great members of staff in both areas and are delighted they will form one new streamlined structure to deliver the best possible community-facing projects under the Blues Foundation brand.”

Adam King, previously Bedford Blues Head of Community, will transfer across as Head of Delivery and Max Cubitt, previously Bedford Blues Rugby Development Officer, will keep the same job title, but both now under Blues Foundation.

Existing Blues Foundation manager, Tom Harwood will continue on as the new Head of Foundation and is buoyant about the Foundation’s future:

“This is a really positive step for our charity, creating one streamlined organisation that is focused and passionate about community sport, exercise, education and supporting the people around us.

“This is an exciting opportunity and we hope to reach as many people as we can through the values of Bedford Blues.”

For any further information on the transition of Bedford Blues Community into the Blues Foundation or to find out how you can support, email

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