Bedford Blues bring ticketing into the 21st Century with new ‘mobile-first’ system

QR code on phone

It’s not just the players that have been preparing for Bedford Blues’ forthcoming pre-season friendlies, staff off the pitch have been getting ready to for the 2019/20 season too.

One big part of that is a new ticketing system that the club says will revolutionise the way people can support their club and enjoy a day out at Goldington Road.

Bedford Blues have appointed TicketCo, the official ticketing partner of the Greene King IPA Championship Club, who will now manage all ticketing sales for the 5,000 capacity ground.

The platform provides Bedford Blues with an online ticketing and payment facility which integrates with the club’s website and Facebook page.

After purchasing tickets via the Blue’s website, the system can send a ticket with a QR code to your smartphone. This is then scanned at turnstiles to gain entry on match-day.

“We are looking forward to working with TicketCo to improve our user-experience when purchasing tickets online,” said Gareth Alred, Bedford Blues’ Chief Operating Officer.

“The TicketCo platform is straight forward to use and will definitely improve our match-day scanning function, making better use of new mobile technologies, with no need to even print at home.

“We appreciate this is change for supporters, but it is designed to provide an improved supporter experience, gain a further understanding of our attendees, integrate into our other systems and help us drive the club’s growth commercially.

“The reason for the change is also two-fold. It improves all of the above areas and illustrates our ability to change with the times, but also we were let down by our previous provider without notice this summer.

“Therefore I would like to thank TicketCo for their work to date.”

David Kenny, TicketCo UK Country Manager, said: “We’re proud to have partnered with a Club that is passionate about fan engagement and innovating its ticketing system.

“We are working closely with the club to use our modern cashless technology to enhance the fan experience and help the Blues grow commercially.”

Tickets via the new system are already available for Bedford Blues pre-season matches against Cambridge on 23 August and Cardiff Blues on 14 September. Get yours here.

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