Bedford aerospace research and development champion is holding a recruitment event this month

Aircraft Research Association (ARA) inside windtunnel

ARA Ltd in Bedford is looking for talented, agile and dynamic individuals who can help solve the toughest engineering problems.

We are holding a recruitment event at our site on Manton Lane on Wednesday 18 October from 4pm to 8pm. There will be site tours and a chance to meet some of our engineers and find out more about what we do. Keep reading to find out more about us and for details on how to book your place at the event.

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This is a great time to join us as we tackle a number of ambitious new projects and are growing our existing capabilities and investing in new ones. We work with the biggest aerospace giants on the planet.

You will have flown in their passenger jets on holiday or seen their aircraft at air shows or in the news.

For over 70 years ARA has been saving time, money and lives by testing aircraft designs to ensure they are safe and to measure their performance to give confidence they are worth investing in.

For example, every Airbus passenger aircraft, and every fighter jet in service with the RAF, have had their designs tested in our facilities including in our industrial scale Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT), which is used to test scale aircraft models at speeds of up to Mach 1.4 or 140% of the speed of sound.

Aircraft Research Association (ARA) computer modelling

We combine theory, computer simulations and real-world experiments to solve the most complex problems within tight deadlines and budgets.

Our engineers succeed by using all our skills, capabilities and facilities which range from Engineering Consultancy and Design, Simulation and Analysis to Precision Manufacture, Prototype Development, Calibration, Testing and Commissioning.

We have a number of exciting vacancies we are currently recruiting for including mechanical and electrical engineering, design engineering, project management, and several roles in our in-house manufacturing team.

  • Senior and Principal Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical and Electrical Technicians
  • Design Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Fitting and Inspection Manager
  • Document Controller

From being responsible for the powerful machinery that makes our Transonic Wind Tunnel go to designing the models which will be tested at speeds so fast they generate shockwaves, every role plays a critical part in the services we provide.

Aircraft Research Association (ARA) computer modelling 1

So come along to our open day on Wednesday 18 October from 4pm to 8pm at the ARA Sports and Social Club at the end of Manton Lane in Bedford (MK41 7PF).

Discover the exciting range of career opportunities across all our teams. You will be able to take a tour of our facilities and have a chance to meet some of our engineers.

To book your place please email us at and to see all our available roles please visit

We are looking forward to meeting you.

(No agencies or suppliers, please)

This is a paid partnership with ARA

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