A year of free tennis being served in Bedford

Tennis For Free

National sports charity ‘Tennis For Free’ has served up an ace for people in and around Bedford by investing in a programme of free tennis at Addison Howard Park.

Starting on Saturday (28 September)’ the Addison Howard Park tennis courts will be home to free tennis every Saturday morning between 10am and 11:30am.

In an exciting partnership with Bedford Borough Council and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Tennis For Free will provide free coach-led tennis sessions for all the family for one year as part of its aim to use tennis to improve the physical and mental well-being of all members of the community across the UK.

Addison Howard Tennis For Free sessions will be led by professional tennis coach Ryan Bezer and everyone is welcome; you don’t need a racket or a ball as all equipment is provided free of charge.

“I am very excited to welcome Tennis For Free to Bedford and join the other 100+ Tennis For free sites across the UK,” said Ryan Bezer.

“The Tennis For Free scheme is a fantastic opportunity for the local community to try tennis for either the first time, or to dust off the cobwebs after a time away from the sport.

“It’s a fun, friendly and entertaining free weekly event where you’ll make new friends and benefit from regular exercise.

“There is no catch, as the name suggests, everything is free.”

Cllr Doug McMurdo, Portfolio Holder for Leisure said, “These Tennis For Free sessions are a great opportunity to get active in one of our local parks, whether you’ve never picked up a racket or are a seasoned regular.

“Qualified coaches will be on hand and equipment is provided, all for free. The sessions are open to people of all ages and will enhance physical and mental well-being. Sign up online and get involved.”

Leo Tutt from the LTA added: “We are very excited about the free activities being created for people to play tennis in Bedford through the Tennis for Free programme.

“Addison Howard Park is a really accessible park in the heart of the community.

“Having good local easy to access park facilities where you can play informally with your family and friends is really important to encourage people to play.”

Sign up for Tennis For Free at Addison Howard Park tennis courts at www.tennisforfree.com.

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