A little like David Vs Goliath for Bedford Hockey Club

Bedford 5s scoring in the closing stages of their game against Hertford Stags to take the win
Bedford 5s scoring in the closing stages of their game against Hertford Stags to take the win.

Whilst all of Bedford’s teams, Men’s and Ladies’, are sitting comfortably within their respective leagues, several of the Club’s squads were set for challenging matches last weekend, having fixtures with higher placed oppositions.

Even those sitting aloft in their leagues, such as top of the table Men’s 2s and second in the table Ladies’ 7s, couldn’t be complacent as they stepped out to face their respective rivals.

That said, both achieved decisive wins, the men taking Felixstowe 5-1 and the ladies gaining a hard fought 4-0, in a match of end-to-end action against Berkhamsted & Hemel.

The Men’s 5s kept battling throughout the whole of their game against Hertford Stags to, finally, get their reward in the closing stages of the match, with a goal, to take the victory, 1-0.

The Men’s 3s, also, highlighted the importance of not giving up, and to keep going right to the line, in their game against Stevenage 1s.

Going 4-2 down, early on, only spurred them on to fight harder, battling back to be victorious in an amazing game, ending with a 6-5 score line. Keeper, Jon Lord, was key to ensuring Stevenage didn’t manage to gain their lead again.

The Ladies’ 3s game was one of highs and lows. Whilst Hertford 1s launched salvos of offensives, Bedford held their own, fighting back to level the score at two-all.

As the closing minutes of the game approached, however, Hertford struck a devastating blow, finding the back of the net to rob Bedford of, what would have been a satisfying draw.

Final score, 3-2 to Hertford. Keeper, Lucy Sellers, put in a particularly phenomenal performance.

Another of Bedford Hockey Club’s keepers deserving of special mention, after her outstanding performance, was the Ladies’ 6s goalie, Sophia Gallagher.

The 6s battled hard against top of the table Rickmansworth 2s. Despite putting on an impressive display of skill and determination, it was Rickmansworth who took the win, although Bedford were not without some reward.

Final score, 4-2 to Rickmansworth. The Men’s 6s, also, put up a fight, but failed to be able to get on the score sheet, Southgate taking them 3-0.

In the away games, the Ladies’ 5s retain their position towards the top end of their division, after holding Enigma to a 2-all draw.

The Men’s 4s failed to break Southgate, going down 1 goal to 4, whilst the remaining two away matches saw Bedford successes.

The Ladies’ 4s, newly promoted into their division this season, gained a brilliant 4-0 win over Luton 1s and the Men’s Vets were 2-1 champions over higher in the table Harpenden.

This weekend, weather permitting, will see home games, at Chester Road, for the Ladies’ 1s, 2s, 4s, 6s and 7s and the Men’s 1s, 4s and Vets.

Words: Jean Fitch

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