£90k funding to support Bedfordshire victims of sexual assault

sexual assault

£93,323 has been allocated to organisations so they can provide support for victims of serious sexual assaults in Bedfordshire.

Five organisations running seven different projects in Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire have received a share of the funds to help victims living in Bedfordshire.

The projects, running until the end of March 2021, offer a range of support from online sessions with a specialist advisor to accommodation advice and group coaching programmes.

They will accessible through the Independent Sexual Violence Adviser Service (ISVA) which is provided by the Early Childhood Partnership.

Matthew Bushnell, CEO for the Mary Seacole Housing Association, who received a share of the funding said: “… it’s our aspiration that through this intervention we will be able to support children and young people in need of step down services and continued support.”

The funding has been provided by Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner.

4,000 victims of crime helped

The news comes as the Signpost service, set up to support victims and those affected by crime, announced they helped over 4,000 people across the county last year.

Facing lockdown, the service had to adapt to increases in crimes such as domestic abuse, with victims finding it difficult to leave their homes and seek help

To support this, the specialist team of Victim Care Coordinators helped 4,338 victims but helping victims gain access to partner organisations and charities.

“Signpost has continued to provide support to Bedfordshire’s victims of crime throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so through this lockdown period,” said Simon Powell, Head of Victim Care at Signpost.

“It’s important that people know we’re here to provide support during these difficult times.”

The service operates Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm and on Saturdays between 9 am and 5 pm, with an out of house voicemail service.

Anyone who may need their support can contact them on 0800 0282 887 or via www.signpostforbedfordshire.com.