59 businesses take part in Bedford’s first Magic Tenner event


Following the successful Fiver Fest independent retail events in Bedford, this weekend sees the launch of Magic Tenner, Totally Locally’s latest campaign to keep more of our hard-earned cash in our local communities, while also highlighting brilliant Bedford indies.

59 local businesses have signed up with unique £10 offers for their customers from Saturday 7 – 21 October.

And according to organisers Totally Locally, around 80% of each spend in an indie goes back into the local economy. With chains, it’s around 20-30p and with online-only multi-nationals, it’s close to £0.

“Local independent businesses are far more likely to use other local firms than any of the big national giants would,” said Totally Locally founder, Chris Sands.

“The great offers that the businesses are putting on is your chance to grab a £10 bargain, with the added bonus of that money having a much greater impact on the town than you probably imagined.”

Local organiser, Helen Patterson of Town Centre Champions, said: “Having organised eight FiverFest events in Bedford, I was delighted to hear that Totally Locally were planning to launch their Magic Tenner campaign.

“Some businesses were struggling to put £5 deals together due to climbing costs and falling footfall.

“I expected around 55 businesses to take part and we’ve actually hit 59, so I’ll take that as a massive win.”

This year, established businesses such as The Store and La Piazza are joined by newcomers including Zebra Pasta Takeaway, Studio Seven and Bubblegum Piercing and Aesthetics.

“Once again, Katie Allen has created a beautiful map to support and promote the event – it looks amazing,” said Helen. “Thanks also to White Hart Press and Bedford Radio for their support.”

Businesses taking part told the Bedford Independent they were really looking forward to being part of the latest Totally Locally campaign.

“Like FiverFest, GCH Fishmongers is excited to take part in Magic Tenner,” said fishmonger, Gary Hooper.

“It is a great way to drive footfall as well as attract customers with some great deals. For every £10 spent in an independent retailer. it returns the money to the local economy, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“If someone spends a tenner at GCH, I then take that £10 note and support other local businesses like Herd. Matt at Herd then buys his wine from John at the Flying Cork and John may then treat himself to something from Lingers. And so it goes on!”

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Restaurant owner, Shish Miah of New Bombay said the campaign would have a positive impact on the community and local businesses.

“This initiative not only brings more customers through our doors but also fosters a sense of community support. It really showcases the strength of our local economy.”

Katt at BBTea said that they love being part of these campaigns as they bring so many new faces into their shop. “We love and appreciate the support for local businesses and look forward to being part of FiverFest – and now Magic Tenner – every year.”

As well as a chance to support your favourite indies, Magic Tenner is a great way to explore new businesses and take a chance on something you’ve not tried before.

“It’s an amazing introduction for the local community to try different foods,” said Sophia Forrester, owner of Carumbar.

“Caribbean food is still a ‘new cuisine’ compared to staples like Indian and Italian food. Magic Tenner is a great way to embrace diversity through food.”

Three Castle Lane businesses – Baja, The Lane and Thali & Tandoor – have been taking part in FiverFest campaigns since Helen ran the first one.

“We really appreciate the hard yards put in by Helen and the other organisations and contributors,” said business owner, Jay Alom.

“The events are an occasion when all of Bedford’s much-loved independent businesses can come together and say a collective ‘we appreciate you’.

“Magic Tenner represents the essence of what the Bedford business community is about; lots of generous, hard-working family-owned businesses sustained by the people who care and support us.

“Despite the obvious challenges, Bedford is a great little town to do business in.”

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