150 events in 13 days across five venues – Bedfringe is back

Bedfringe logo 2019

Bedfringe is back. From 15 to 27 July, 150 events in 13 days across five venues will come to Bedford for the 13th International Bedford Festival Fringe.

With a carefully curated programme of comedy, theatre, live music, film, dance & physical theatre, spoken word and poetry, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Tickets have started to go one sale for a number of acts, including:

  • Jan Ravens (Dead Ringers)
  • Simon Brodkin (Channel4’s Lee Nelson)
  • Shlomo (world record beatboxing champ)
  • Bedfringe 13 Launch Party
  • The Splash Test Dummies
  • The Amazing Bubble Man
  • The Penultimate Destiny of New Londinium
  • Audacious Mr Astley

To get your ticket, just head to the Bedfringe website.


schlomo beat boxer Bedfringe
Shlomo will be back in Bedford for a number of shows at Bedfringe 2019

The 150 events will be shared across five venues:

    Quarry Theatre Main Auditorium
    Quarry Studio Theatre
    The Woodfine’s Garden Stage
    The Place Theatre Main Auditorium
    The Place Theatre Outside Stage

2019 will also see Blender collaborate with the Bedfringe team for the first time.

After their successful hosting of the St Mary’s stage at the 2018 River Festival and regular pop-up record shops across town, they’ll now be providing music on Saturday and Sunday in The Quarry Theatre’s Garden Stage.

Event Director, James Pharaoh said: “I’m looking forward to working with blender.

“They love music and I’m sure they will bring in the best local talent to perform at the festival, which will complement what we have on offer at The Quarry that weekend.

“We look forward to a busy fortnight and an even busier weekend with blender.”

Bedfringe Quarry Theatre at St Luke's
The Quarry Theatre will be the main venue for the festival.

“We can’t wait to get involved in this event. It’s one of the best in the Bedford calendar and the garden stage is such a great location.” added Blender’s Neil Frankel.

“We love new music and Bedford looks set to up its game this year, with some new emerging young bands breaking through.

“Hopefully we will have one or two of them on show at Bedfringe”.

Since 2007 Bedfringe has brought over 2200 acts to Bedford. Bedfringe has supported many up-and-coming acts including Lee Ridley (AKA Lost Voice Guy), Howard Read (CBBC’s “Little Howard’s Big Question”), Simon Brodkin (AKA ‘Lee Nelson’), Patrick Monahan (winner of ITV 2011 “Show Me The Funny”), Simon Munnery, Jack Whitehall, Josh Widdicombe, Pete Firman, Joel Dommett and Vikki Stone.

The Bedford Independent is the media partner of Bedfringe 2019, with other sponsors including Bedford School (principal sponsor), The Harpur Trust, Woodfines, WeCanCreative, Roosters, Rosetta Publishing, LCH Production Services, Future Legend Media, Bedford Borough Council, Charles Wells, and Hyspec.

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