42 goals score Bedford Hockey club another successful weekend

Dalbir Sehmbi in action for the Men’s 4s 12 January
Dalbir Sehmbi in action for the Men’s 4s

It was yet another successful weekend for most of Bedford Hockey Club’s senior teams, the home fixtures being especially fruitful, with 30 of the Club’s 42 goals being scored on home turf.

The Ladies’ 7s were first up, at Chester Road, and just continue to go from strength to strength, dominating Luton 2s to take an emphatic 8-1 victory.

Next up were both the Men’s and Ladies’ fourth teams, both defeating their oppositions decisively.

The men managed a last-minute surge, in their game, to overpower Bishops Stortford 5-2, whilst the ladies kept a clean sheet and netted four goals for their 4-0 win over Rickmansworth.

More goals flowed as the Ladies’ 2s stepped up to the mark, also preventing their opponents, Lowestoft, from scoring.

The final tally, 3-0. Unfortunately, on the second pitch, barring a draw, it was unavoidable for there not to be a Bedford loss, as Bedford Men’s 5s battled it out with Bedford Men’s Vets, both being in the same league division.

On this occasion, it was the 5s who took the victory, with four goals, but they couldn’t prevent the Vets from grabbing two goals for themselves. The final home match of the day saw the Men’s 1s take on Norwich City.

Norwich City were somewhat frustrated by Bedford’s control, frustration demonstrated by two Norwich players being carded within seconds of each other, leaving them down to 9 players for a short while.

If Norwich had defended as well, when they had a full team on pitch, as they did when down to nine, the result could have been very different.

As it was, Bedford came away with a thrilling 4-0 victory. Further triumphs, also, came in a couple of away fixtures, for the Ladies’ 5s and 6s, both sides preventing their oppositions scoring.

The 5s returned home 2-0 victors over Blueharts, whilst the 6s completely dominated West Herts with a phenomenal 10-0 defeat.

This weekend coming weekend sees home games, weather permitting, for the Men’s 2s, 3s, 5s and 6s and the Ladies’ 3s, 6s and 7s.

Words: Jean Fitch

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