20th consecutive Green Flag award for Priory Country Park

The lake at Priory Country Park. Image: http://www.adcfilms.co.uk/

Bedford’s Parks are among over 2,000 green spaces around the UK that have been awarded Green Flag Awards this year, and 2021 marks the 20th consecutive year that Priory Country Park has been recognised.

Bedford Park, Addison Howard Park, Harrold-Odell Country Park joined Priory among the award-winners.

Also celebrating, were volunteer groups The Friends of Hill Rise and The Friends of Putnoe Wood and Mowsbury Hillfort, who saw Hill Rise Local Natural Reserve and Mowsbury Hillfort winning the Green Flag Community Award.

In addition, this year The Friends of Putnoe Wood and Mowsbury Hillfort have also been awarded another new Green Flag Community Award site, Putnoe Wood.

2021 marks the Silver Jubilee of the Green Flag Award, marking 25 years of excellence

The award is the international quality mark for parks and green space, and not only is this the 20th year in a row that Priory Country Park has won the Green Flag award, but 2021 also marks 35 years since the park was officially opened by Valerie Singleton in 1986.

Over the last 18 months, parks have become lockdown lifelines, playing a vital role for people across the country as places to breathe, relax, exercise and meet friends and family safely.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said “Bedford Borough parks have once again shone by being awarded Green Flag Awards, with Priory Country Park celebrating 20 years of flying the flag.

This is an amazing achievement and really reflects the hard work of the officers and volunteers at this stunning Country Park. For it to be joined by our three other Green Flags, and the three Community Green Flag Award winners too is superb, and my thanks and congratulations go to everyone involved.”

If you would be interested in volunteering in one of the Council’s parks and green spaces, please visit bedford.gov.uk/volunteering or sign up to the Community Volunteering email bulletin at bedford.gov.uk/stayconnected.

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